Sal, Cape Verde (12-19/01/2009)

Excursion around the island of Sal (Part 1)

Sal is a very small island. It is only 30 km long and 12 km wide and there is little to do apart from lazing on the sandy beaches. However, we decided to go on a day trip around the island to see what it had to offer. We were not disappointed as the day proved to be quite an adventure. We set off in a mini bus with Elton, our guide, the driver and three English couples.


Our first stop was Palmeira, which has a small harbour and port. Because Sal is so barren (volcanic) practically everything has to be imported, mainly from Africa or Brazil.


Buracona lies 6 km to the north of Palmeira on the coast. There is no settlement but a rocky cape made up of black volcanic rock, which is cut through by a funnel from the sea and beyond that a natural swimming pool. We were driven there along what can only be described as a cart track through a barren wasteland.

Teófilo Chantre – Nha Fe