Tudor Flower Festival at Leeds Castle (07-11/10/09)

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The quoted comments about the flower arrangements were taken from the official prospectus.

This page shows the following rooms:

RoomPrizeAbout the flower arrangements
Chapel1st'Capturing the ambience of the chapel, richness of the carvings and Henry and Catherine’s joy of court life'
Seminar Room'Fragrance and visual stimulation evoke the history of this room'
Lady Baillie’s Dressing Room'Sympathetic designs complimenting the décor'
Lady Baillie’s Bedroom2nd'Fabulous fashion and furnishings for the Tudor period'
Catherine of Aragon Bedroom'Tussie mussies are so sweet, assail your nostrils with a treat, with pomanders hanging under skirt, hiding the odours wherein may lurk'
Upper CorridorThis arrangement was not in the competition.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Ave Verum Corpus K618