Visit to Germany (05-13/07/09)

Day 4: Visiting Rachel in Mannheim

On the Wednesday we visited Rachel in Mannheim, where she now lives. Her new flat has 82 steps to the front door so we only made the climb once. After a short rest there we made our way to the centre of the town, where we looked for somewhere to eat. We were spoilt for choice but finally decided on the Turkish restaurant, ‘Istanbul’. We were not disappointed as we had a very good lamb shish kebab cooked over charcoal and with all the trimmings at a very reasonable price. A walk to the Rhine to watch the river traffic was followed by a drink in a Gasthaus. It was then back to the centre of Mannheim, where we met Rachel’s friend for an Italian ice cream.

Rudi Knabl – Hubertus-Quadrille