New Zealand Day 15: South Island


Quite a different day from yesterday as it was warm and the sun was shining. I left the hotel before the others were up and went to look at the floral display in the cathedral. It was now completed and looked stunning, as did the Ikebana designs in the side aisles. A harpist supplied suitable background music. Outside, in the Cathedral Square, the famous Wizard was standing on his stepladder talking to anyone who would listen to what he had to say. It was then back to the hotel to find the others. We had to be back by 3.30 pm in order to drive to the airport for our return journey so we wanted to see as much as possible. We took the tram again in the direction of the Arts Centre and Botanic Gardens. The gardens looked quite different with the sun shining and the punts were out on the River Avon. Another quick look at Cathedral Square, where once again the Maori dancers had a large audience and then it was off to Christchurch airport for the first stage of our long journey, an internal flight to Auckland.

The New Zealand National Youth Choir – Ka Waiata Ki A Maria