Visit to Germany (04-12/07/10)

Day 4: Donaueschingen, Konstanz, Rottweil, Tennenbronn

We had only a brief stop in Donaueschingen, as we wanted to cover a lot of ground. It was very hot and therefore we decided not to visit the castle but to make tracks in the direction of Lake Constance.

Konstanz gives the first impression of an English seaside town, even down to a paddle on the shore. Imperia, rotating on her plinth, stands guard at the harbour entrance. After a look around the harbour area and a meal at a lakeside restaurant, we had a look around the town, which was anything but an English resort.

Rottweil has one claim to fame: it has a breed of dog named after the town. It is a pleasant small town with narrow streets and interesting shop signs.

We had booked a hotel for the night at Tennenbronn, a village surrounded by forest. The owner told us that the WM football match between Germany and Spain was to be shown in the sports clubhouse that evening and that it ‘was just up the road’. Rachel and I decided to go. It turned out to be quite a trek but an interesting experience.

Georg Friedrich Händel – Alla Hornpipe from Water Music