Visit to Hungary (10-14/09/2010)

Day 3: Kerékteleki, Esztergom

On the Sunday we had arranged to go to Kerékteleki, where there was to be a family gathering of 14 people. We met Zsuzsi, Patri and Manci néni at Dad and took them with us in our hired car. Before the meal I had a look around the garden but was dismayed to hear that it had been a very bad year for most of the garden produce. We sat down to the meal with a table groaning under the weight of all the food that Sárika had prepared. A soup to start with followed by venison stew and potatoes. Next came a carp, schnitzel, chicken pieces and a duck. Of course, it was necessary to try everything. Two huge gateaux then appeared, followed by coffee, home made biscuits and fruit from the garden. This was typical Hungarian hospitality.

We spent the evening wandering around Esztergom.

Muzsikás – Bonchidai cimbalmos