Visit to Germany (03-11/07/11)

Day 3: Weimar

After travelling from Koblenz to Aschaffenburg to stay the night with Veronika and Friedel we set off the next morning in the direction of the old East Germany arriving in Weimar late morning. We made our way to the centre of the town and sat in the market square, where a cold beer was welcome. We had seen the horse drawn carriages and decided that the best way to get an idea of the layout of the town was to take one. It proved well worthwhile. Our lady driver was very knowledgeable, showed us the well-known landmarks and told us something of the history of the town. We had a wander through the town and then the park, where the River Ilm flows through a tranquil idyll.


We spent the night in a nearby small village (population 400), Gelmeroda. There was just enough time to have dinner in the hotel and look around in the village.

Antonio Vivaldi – Concerto in C Major for Flautino and Strings, RV 443