Visit to Germany with Terry and Su (02-09/07/12)

Day 6 & 7: Aschaffenburg

Terry and Su had the day to themselves but for us the Aschaffenburg market is always worth a visit, especially in the sunshine. There was also last minute shopping to do – all the things we miss from Germany.

The evening was devoted to the ‘Museumsnacht’, where we were sure to find something to our liking among all the various entertainments on offer. The day ended with a meeting with old friends in the Pompejanum garden for a glass of beer.

The following day at around lunchtime we bade farewell to Terry and Su at the start of their journey home. Veronika had treated us to tickets for a production of Much Ado About Nothing in the old town theatre. A strange production as all the parts were played by only three actors. Afterwards we joined Elfi and Horst for a drink in front of the theatre.

Secret Garden – Moving