Holiday in Lisbon, October 2013 (Part 1)

We were offered a good deal so Lin and I decided to take a four-night break in Lisbon. We had a very good 5-star hotel not too far from the centre of town. Lin had been there before but I had not so I had no idea that the streets in the town would be so steep. I soon found out when we went on a recognisance of the town on our first morning. In the afternoon we found ourselves in the Edward VII garden, where the hop-on/hop-off buses start. We bought a two-day pass for the following days and as an added bonus we could immediately take the last bus of the day without getting off. The trip certainly gave us a flavour of what was on offer in Lisbon. So the next two days we took advantage of the pass. Our first bus ride was to the EXPO ’98 Park. The route there showed us something of the dilapidated side of Lisbon but as we approached the park things changed. The EXPO site still has much to offer We took a cable car ride along the Tagus riverfront, a walk through a small park and a look at the modern shopping centre before, after a long wait, catching the bus back to the centre of town.

Mariza – Promete, Jura