South Africa Day 4 (part 1): Kruger National Park

Bush Walk

The bush walk meant another early start at 4 a.m. and only six of the group decided to take part. We were to walk through part of the Kruger National Park. Two armed rangers accompanied us, which was quite reassuring considering we were, at one point, in the path of two running rhinos. We were told to quickly get behind some bushes for cover. It was an interesting experience and we saw many insects and learned a lot from our two experienced guides. Thankfully the guns were not needed.


I did not realise what I had let myself in for. I imagined a quiet paddle down a river on a raft. Instead it was a white water experience in a two-man blow up canoe. Only four brave souls from the group took up the challenge. I went with Peter in one canoe; John and Michelle were in another. All went well until we were told we had nearly reached the end. Unfortunately, on the last stretch of white water our two canoes touched and John and Michelle were thrown out, Michelle being caught underneath the boat. She was rescued and we pulled the canoes onto the bank. At this point we were told that the gate we should leave by was locked and the surrounding fencing electrified. The only way back was to return to the water and paddle a bit further through very rough water. None of us wanted to do that after the accident but there was no other way. The two ‘girls’ were put in canoes with the experts whilst the men had to make their own way back, capsizing twice on the way. I remained the only one not to have landed in the water. On return we discovered the watertight canister, where our belongings had been stowed was not watertight. My camera was kaput!