Visit to Germany July 2015 (Part 4)

Day 9: Mannheim to Aschaffenburg via Sommerach

After breakfast with Rachel and DG at the Turkish café, we made our way back to Aschaffenburg. The journey was long and tedious as we made several errors on our journey but at least we had collected our supply of wine from Henke in Sommerach.

Day 10: Visiting friends in Aschaffenburg

The day started with a quick visit to the market before we left to visit Jo and Horst for a very good lunch of trout A quick round of shopping in the afternoon for last minute purchases and then it was on to Agnes and Hans-Jürgen for supper.

Day 11: Our last day in Aschaffenburg

A walk towards the Pompejanum and along the River Main in the morning was followed by a visit to Schönbusch in the afternoon; there we visited the ‘Salettchen’, where Veronika was on duty.