Female Wartime Workers in the Munitions Industry

The talk looks at the lives of the young women directed to work and live in new and strange environments in the Second World War.

By May 1940, as more and more men were conscripted to the forces, a gap in the manpower requirements of essential war industries became apparent. Women were encouraged to fill their places. This did not have the response that the Ministry of Labour had hoped for so that in December 1941 conscription of women was announced. Many with families or other commitments were either excused or were offered local and/or part time employment. It was the young, unmarried women who were more likely to be classed as mobile and could be sent wherever they were needed. This was usually to Royal Ordnance Factories.

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In this talk use has been made of recollections by women wartime workers noted at the time.

All talks are given with the aid of a Powerpoint presentation.