The History of the Kentish Seaside Resorts until the First World War

By the 17th century those with a disposable income and with time on their hands were drawn to the spa towns. Soon it was realised that sea water also had a therapeutic value. During the 18th century the move was away from the inland spas to the seaside. Margate was one of the first resorts to benefit from this new interest. However, it was not until the introduction of Bank holidays in 1871 that seaside holidays were within the reach of everyone.

This talk looks at the development of the seaside resorts, the means of travel, accommodation, bathing and beach occupations as well as other entertainment available to the visitor. By the time the First World War broke out, seaside holidays had reached their heyday.

Punch Magazine 8/10/1870

'Sea nymphs (as they appeared to the distant gaze of a near sighted cockney)'

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