George Kneif

A brief Introduction

I suppose, being the instigator of this website, I should show a good example and be the first to fill one’s home page with information. In the following subsections I shall attempt to describe briefly what you might find under the subsequent menu items.

My Life

When I look back at my life I see it not as a flow but as a sequence of snapshots. I shall try to describe these snapshots fully and honestly. They were not always important, some were rather trivial, but including them in my life story will always have a purpose, mainly to show the social and political context of the time in which my life unfolded.

My Career

I started my career in 1963 and it ran for 40 years. The experience of growing up with a technology I would not exchange for anything. The early years were exciting; we had to invent practically everything ourselves. I completed many ‘firsts’ but I was too eager to start on the next project to make a name for myself by trumpeting the success of the last one. Nevertheless, I have never regretted it. I shall describe the most important and interesting projects I have worked on.

My Interests

One of my interests has been computing, i.e. my work. As it occupied most of my adult life I had very little time left for my other interests. Also, during my life my interests have changed: from art and literature to philosophy and logic and then to mathematics, modern physics, astronomy and cosmology. I shall keep adding to this section as my experience broadens.

My Blog

In this section I shall post my thoughts on current events, usually of political, ethical or aesthetical nature. I try to be controversial, often provocative but you do not need to take me always seriously. These will be purely private opinions and I welcome comments and arguments whether pro or con.

My Pictures

This is my Photo Album. Unfortunately I have never been interested in photography or in fact in making a record of my life, whether in pictures or otherwise. So do not expect exciting takes.

My Location

I live in England, in a small village called Meopham. You can find its location easily via


If anyone would like to contact me, my e-mail address is

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