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I have set up three blogs, each containing content of different type: Comments, Private and Miscellany. You can switch between them via the menu bar. There is also a separate section for blogs predating Version 3.1.0.

When a blog has been selected the blog index page will appear, the entries sorted in reverse chronological order. The menu bar will then contain additional items: Index, Display, Administration, Newer and Older. Only I have access to Administration. The entries may be selected at random from the index pages or you may select Display. Once a blog page has been displayed you may turn the pages forward/backword in time following the Newer/Older links in the menu bar.


In this blog you will find my comments on aspects of political and social life, usually as reported by various media outlets. You may disagree with some of it because I shall try to be controversial or even provocative. If you would like to respond, send me an email to

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This blog contains snippets of information, usually as reported in the media, and comments made by other people, known or anonymous. All the reports show some aberration in our society. As they deal mainly with British matters, they will appear only in English, and as they are small items, they will not be be reported in the Notices.


Here you will find news and comments on events of my personal life.


Most of the material in this blog is not my own creation but material I have garnered from the Internet. They may contain jokes, snippets of information that you may find interesting and other material I cannot put in the above two blogs, i.e. miscellany.