Liam Anderson

A Brief Introduction

My name is Liam Anderson and I was born in Kirkcaldy in September 1997. George is my Uncle but I live in Scotland so it is rare for me to see him. I live in Dunfermline with mum Karen Anderson, brother and two sisters. I visit my dad, Robert Anderson in Barrhead on weekends and holidays I get the bus there. At home I enjoy writing stories on my Alpha smart computer I and playing on my Xbox 360. I go to Scouts on Thursdays. I go to the 2nd Fife. I go to Pittencreiff Primary School. After school I walk home through Pittencrieff Park. After tea I like bouncing on my trampoline in the garden. At school I like art and P.E and I like playing tig at break with my friends or just talking with them. I like reading and at the moment I am reading Brisngr, the third Eragon. I like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I have also read all the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I like putting my stories on this website for others to enjoy. I even have the writers badge for Scouts.

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