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Aracks In Bagitter

Called Bagitter humans they ruled the land. That was until creatures called Aracks wanted to take over the land. The humans prepared their defences. Malsis, king of the land, heard that the Aracks were coming. A cold went down his back. All of Baggiter feared the Arracks because of their killing instinct and their camouflage. When the Arrack ship arrived you see nothing in it. The men knew about the camouflage. “Loose” said the commander. The archer’s arrows hit the Aracks. The Aracks lost their camouflage. They charged at the humans, the humans drawed their swords.

The humans hit the Aracks as hard as they could but the Aracks always reversed it and dodged. “You will all die “hissed the Aracks . “Retreat, retreat, the beach is lost”. The soldiers retreated away from the Aracks. You could hear the Aracks hiss all the time.

The King readied his catapults. There was a town fifty yards away from the beach so the King sent a century of soldiers and some catapults to the town. When the soldiers reached the town they began fortifying the town, some soldiers were shaking like they were in the arctic, When the Aracks approached the catapults bombarded the area. The Aracks who were standing on it killed many them. Then the archers fired the Aracks were weak so the army took advantage of it. Killing all of the Aracks they returned to the town and celebrated their victory. They sent a messenger to tell the king of their victory.

The king told the messenger to congratulate them all for their victory. The messenger told the solders. The men cheered pointing their swords to the sky and fired their catapults at the enemy camp. Then the Aracks hissing stopped. The Arack king was dead. They got their swords then charged the humans. They saw the Aracks coming and they readied their weapons and catapult. “Loose” said the soldier and the archers fired along with the catapults and it killed some Aracks. But not enough the villagers ran away from the town. Swords slashed, shields cracked and blood dripped from bodies. All the soldiers were slaughtered. The word reached the King. “#@/*%” shouted the King.

The King made one last stand at an abandoned city. They sharpened thick wood then shoved it in the ground and set oil traps. When they heard the Arack hissing they hid behind walls when the Aracks entered the City then the soldiers ambushed the Aracks. It started off pretty good until archers arrived all the humans were killed. The King cursed then made a speech. “Our forces have failed we must prepare our fortress for attack. We have about a week to prepare if you do not help we will all die” shouted Malsis. His speech was long enough to convince everyone to help. A week later the Arack approached the castle.

“Catapult?” shouted the king “and archers!” The stones roared through the sky as it crushed several Arack. The Arack reached the gate two centuries went down to guard the gate. “Boom!” The gate bursted opened allowing the Arack in. “No” shouted Malsis. The Arack poured inside and the soldiers attacked without fear, the only thing on their mind was to protect their families. One of the soldiers was thrown down by an Arack and the Arack was about to stab his neck but then a small boy threw a large pointy rock on the Arack’s head. It hissed in pain as the man stumbled to his feet then beheaded the fowl beast.

Malsis ran down the castle steps to help his soldiers. Malsis killed two Arack but then a cold iron blade went through his stomach. A soldier killed the Arack. Then he took the King to the closest healer. The soldiers kept up their wall of defence repelling all attacks made by the beasts. The Aracks archers were too much for the archers alone. “Fangli” shouted an archer, he died from the power of the spell but he killed the rest of the Arack. His name was remembered for ever. As for the living they celebrated their victory then weaped for their lost, a hundred men including the King. He was buried in a chamber of crystals. The argument of who would be the new King started.

This story might be continued!