Sarolta Tóth

A Brief Summary of my Life

I am Mrs Gyula [Julius] Tóth (neé Sarolta [Sarah] Pethő), my father Ince [Innocent] Pethő, my mother Margit [Margaret] Staszny, and my sister Zsuzsanna [Susan] Pethő. I was born on 22nd May 1950 in Tardos. We lived in Fertőd, in Baj and finally in Dad. That is where I went to primary school, after which I commuted to Tata and Esztergom for my secondary education. In 1971 I obtained my teaching diploma at the Teachers Training College in Esztergom. My teaching career started in Kerékteleki and I still work there (2007). In 1969 I married Gyula Tóth, also a teacher. We both obtained our specialist diplomas in 1977 in Eger, I in history, my husband in geography.

My son Attila was born in 1970. Currently he is a policeman in Gárdony. He has two children: Eszter 15 and Luca 7. My daughter Sarolta (Rika) was born in 1974. She works locally as a hairdresser. She is still single.

We are about to retire this year. In our free time we cultivate our garden and look after our animals. We provide the whole family with vegetables and meat. My mother will be 85 this year but my father, alas, has already died.

If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is

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